Companies spend their time in one of three areas:

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Solutions

Companies that don’t fix problems, or provide poor service, will spend much of their energy generating sales. Unfortunately, many companies operate this way.

A company that fixes problems, and provides good service, spends much less energy generating sales, since sales are a natural byproduct of fixing problems and providing appropriate service. This is where we choose to concentrate our attention.

The focus of Advantage Resource has always been on providing solutions to the real-life problems faced by our customers. Sometimes the answer (a solution) to a customer’s question (a problem) is difficult, but a solution is still needed.

Because of this, all WF implementations include:

  • Employee Benefit Plan Summaries
  • Access to Employee Statements
  • WorkerServices employee access
  • Secure file and form submission
  • Employer resources and training

We start with what the company/organization is trying to accomplish, then craft a plan that fits their unique situational needs.